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As you might have seen from the previous video of Oldblue Denim Ramblin', we covered and highlighted all the bits you need to know about our recent denim cre.. A denim brand inspired by the working class: from cowboys, mine workers, factory workers, and every blue collar worker who shed their sweat daily. Old Blue Co. brings back the essence of a bygone era. Like when back in the day, jeans and other workwear items were just part of everyday life that people wore to build th Founded in 2010 to produce simple, yet long-lasting heavyweight denim in Indonesia, Oldblue Co. has quickly become a favorite of in-the-know denim heads worldwide. One of the major highlights of the brand, beyond the impeccable workmanship, is the use of Indonesia-sourced 19oz heavyweight denim. The combination of tru Oldblue Co. bring back the essence of jeans which is a clothing to be worn outside and an everyday wear. Like back in the days when jeans and other clothing was just a tool that people use to build their nation. We offer a pair of jeans in the simplest and the most basic posisible way. No gimmick, no washes, no excessive marketing, no expensive.

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  1. oldblue release on the fabric mass‏. We're trully sorry to announce that our fabric for the first production of Oldblue Denim aren't a 13.25 oz denim fabric, it's actually a 12.25 oz White Oak Cone Mills Denim. We first got the information on the mass from our supplier. But when it comes to the cutting process, we decided to recalculate the.
  2. Work Shirt Type VI - 11 Oz Rainbow Neps Denim. IDR 950,000.00. View All Denim Shirts
  3. Heaviest Denim Made By The Oldblue Company. The Oldblue Company released for the first time their heaviest denim above the 30oz with their new styles. These heavy-weight fabrics are milled in China and made with a royal blue and red wine weft. Something special, and extraordinary. Selvedge Denim Fabric Detail
  4. 8. Denim rag rug - communingwithfabric. This is an unusual way to make a rag rug but the look is very effective. 9. Traditional denim rag rug - craftypantsmcgeeii. A denim rag rug made the traditional way. Great project for using up denim scraps from other projects. 10. Woven diagonal blue jean rug - Feltmagnet
  5. NBDN ESTD 002 14oz WABASH-SASHIKO WEAVED 5 ORTHODOX POCKET. $ 134.25 $ 179.00. Select options Wishlist Wishlist Wishlist. SALE! 25%
  6. 121k Followers, 102 Following, 2,911 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Oldblue Co. ® (@oldblueco
  7. ers once had. Attaching to this strong principle are a great design and prime quality fabrics

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  1. Oldblue Co. is at Oldblue Co. Yesterday at 10:01 AM · Jakarta, Indonesia · there's always something worthwhile in keeping up to date with our daily bulletin here. just like this news flash that we just received some production surplus from the previous lot of our #9THRUNNINWILD denim! only came in the Cobalt Blue variety with 3 extra pairs in.
  2. Harga: Oldblue The Black Stallion - 21/23 Oz Ultra Black Okayama: Rp2.750.000: Harga: denim oldblue 21 23oz: Rp2.000.000: Harga: atemporal co kaihara japanese selvedge denim not oldblue co voyej: Rp550.000: Harga: jeans wingman denim taira selvedge id x id indigo not oldblue: Rp515.000: Harga: Oldblue 44 Repro - 11.5 Oz STF White Oak Cone: Rp1.950.000: Harga: Oldblue Denim Jeans Indonesia.
  3. ers, cowboys, factory workers, to the bikers. Oldblue Co. tries to bring back the essence of jeans which is a clothing to be worn outside and an everyday wear

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Oldblue Co. Produces Its Heaviest Jeans To Date With Its Over-Weight Collection. Oldblue Co.'s new Over-Weight collection of jeans is the brand's first foray into denim manufacturing greater than 30 oz. Coming in at 31-33 oz. Read More Untung Suropati 83 | Surabaya East Java Indonesia | 60264 P. +6231 568 2074 E. contact.otherragenterprise@gmail.co But there comes a time in every worn to the fullest piece of denim needs to call it quits. But that doesn't mean you need to throw them out. Instead, upcycle them in some creative ways. From more accessories to ingenius ideas, here's a like of 25 ways to recycle and reuse you old, trusty blue jeans. 1. Denim Backpac Oldblue denim didirikan oleh Ahmad Hadiwijaya ,seorang pengangguran dan Randy Wilmar ,part timer private tutor untuk murid sekolah menengah . Mereka berdua memiliki satu kesamaan satu sama lain ,yaitu passion mereka yang sangat besar terhadap jeans . Hal yang membuat mereka membentuk Oldblue Denim adalah karena mereka ingin mengapresiasikan. OLDBLUE 31/33 OZ OVER-WEIGHT COBALT BLUE โหดจริง โหดจัง ท้าให้คุณลองกับยีนส์รุ่นลิมิเต็ด จาก Oldblueco ฉลองครบรอบ 9 ปี กับผ้า 31/33 oz ในทรง 8.25 cut อาร์คหลังแบบซ่อนมีให้เลือก weft denim สอง.

3,083 Followers, 15 Following, 546 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. IV (@oldblueroyalrumble Rahasia Sukses Oldblue Co. Tembus Pasar Dunia. YouTube. 1. Pilih tren denim yang timeless. Seperti yang sudah disebutkan sebelumnya, Oldblue Co. memilih konsep Vintage American untuk denim yang diproduksinya. Pemilihan gaya ini bukan tanpa alasan, sebab style Vintage American dikenal timeless atau tidak lekang oleh zaman

Nearly everyone has at least a few pairs of old blue jeans hanging in the closet or maybe a skirt or two. It's easy to recycle denim garments to make a blue jeans quilt. Don't hesitate to introduce other fabrics into the quilt alongside the denim, such as the flannel plaids in Candace Moore's colorful example above.. Each pair of jeans doesn't yield lots of fabric, but you can quickly build a. Work Jacket Type III by Oldblue Co. $175. Sage. While Oldblue Co. sources their fabrics internationally, Sage focuses on selvedge denim milled in-house. Fans of heavyweight denim should look to Sage's lineup of jeans which tip the scales at 18-ounce on average and go all the way up to beefy 21-ounce denim SUBSCRIBE ke channel kami: https://bit.ly/2Mow7auSaksikan bagaimana strategi Old Blue menjadi pelopor denim kualitas premium di Indonesia dan mengembangkan b..

Oldblue Co's japanese selvedge denim jeans. Bright pink salmon selvedge Old Blue Company is a denim brand inspired by the working class, from cowboys, mine workers, factory workers, and every blue collar workers who shed their sweat everyday. Old Blue Co. brings back the essence of jeans which is clothing to be worn outside and for everyday wear. Like back in the days when jeans and other clothing was just a tool. Contact For any inquiry and question, you can always get in touch with us through email : oldbluedenim@hotmail.com phone : +628568962693 / +6285716976787 And do not forget to follow us on twitter @oldbluedenim Oldblue Denim ~ Product Home. © 201 Oldblue Denim ~ Gallery Home. © 201

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  1. This 'Work Jacket TypeIII' from Oldblue Co is detailed with orange line selvedge. Made from a 12oz rope-dyed indigo denim, developed with Kaihara Mills, Japan. Details include:•100% cotton•Raw pre-shrunk (sanforized)•1930's style•Single chest pocket with flap closure•Customised hardware from Scovill USA•100% copper bu
  2. Home. Welcome to BLUE RIVER store, home of unique design recycled denim purses. Please read the product description and our policy before purchasing. The purse price is including shipping and handling and please make a payment through Paypal while checking out..Our policy is to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee and thank you in advance for.
  4. It seems like such a waste to just throw them at all, so I got to wondering what you can do with old blue jeans. For heaven's sakes, don't throw those old jeans away! These crafts are awesome and easy to make. Crafts using old jeans include aprons, purses, flowers, pompoms, and many more denim crafts. In this article, you'll find pictures.
  5. Wingman Denim is an Indonesian brand focusing on making jeans with qualities of Industry Standard.We use our selected fabric from many countries like Japan, USA, Thailand, China and of course Indonesia. Equipped with completed range of high quality production machines while also paying attention to details to every product that we make
  6. 30 Denim Upcycling Ideas Using Old Jeans. There's something comforting about slipping on a good pair of denim jeans. We wear them until they are worn out and sometimes buy them to look already worn in. The obsession we have with blue jeans means we may accumulate a pile of sturdy jean fabric to make these denim upcycling ideas

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Fade Gallery - Oldblue 21 / 23 oz. Beast - Worn for 1 year, 3 months by Rifaldi Wahab. Rifaldi is a collage student in Jakarta, Indonesia. Robin Denim | Fade Gallery - Oldblue 21 / 23 oz. Beas Learn how to recycle jeans for cash! Spring is the perfect time for a house cleanup and a Marie Kondo closet makeover. If you find any jeans that don't spark joy after the closet makeover, don't be so quick to throw them into the trash. Big retailers like Bloomingdale's, American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, Rag & Bone, and many more are getting on the eco-friendly initiative and offer in. Also, these denim hair bows are going to make perfect gifts too. Details here! salutetocute. 35. Denim Heart Pencil Case. Shibori is the new crafty trend these days, and it's like the tie-dye. So here is the denim heart pencil case that you can make for your kids, and kids would love it

Here is another incredible denim wreath project. Make a handbag out of recycled jeans. Make closet organizers for scarves and more. Make a denim bag out of seams. Make simple but beautiful pair of earrings. Make a skirt out of old jeans and scraps of fabric. These denim balls are perfect for play time That's right. You can repurpose your old denim into a new blanket. Anyone can make a denim quilt, and it's pretty easy to do. Of course, you need sewing supplies, but it doesn't take an expert to turn old blue jeans into a refurbished denim quilt 6. Denim Shirt Pillow. You can use a denim shirt to cover a pillow without cutting it. Then if you decide to wear the shirt again, just remove the pins and press. You'll find the tutorial for making this shirt pillow at The Country Farm Home. This is a very attractive decorator pillow idea Recycled Denim Basket. Oh Oh Deco. This free pattern for denim creates a recycled denim basket that you can use to store just about anything. This is a great project if you only have small strips of denim because all the strips are sewn together to form a long ribbon of denim before the weaving begins How to Make a Denim Quilt from Old Jeans. The directions for making this heavy picnic quilt include cutting a pile of trashed jeans into squares as is the usual procedure. However, you will need 3 sets of squares for each quilt block. Jean squares compose the underside, batting squares the middle part and cotton fabric squares form the top layer

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Pada tanggal 6 Mei 2021 kemarin, Oldblue Co. baru saja membuka offline store yang bernama The Oldblue General Store & Outpost. Berlokasi Denim Related Honest Review G004-MB 14.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Old Blue Denim Copper Label Slim Tapered Jeans (Button Fly) US$294.99. Quick view. Add to Wish List. Quickview. G003-MK 14.7oz Copper Label Classic Indigo Slim Tapered Jeans (Button fly) [size 38-48] US$310.00 Since denim is heavy enough to hold up on its own it doesn't require the extra weight. A blue jean rag quilt is plenty warm enough without batting and backing fabric. Additionally, the advantage to using old blue jeans to make your rag quilt is that the fabric is already worn to a nice soft touch DIY Denim Jeans UK Flag Patch via Make It and Love It. DIY Denim Baby Bibs via Becca's Paper Cutz. DIY Old Denim Ampersand Pillow via Ashbee Design. DIY Denim Heart Bookmark via The Cheese Thief. DIY Old Denim Bucket via Curly Made. Upcycled Pot Holder with Pocket via Alisa Burke. DIY Ruffled Denim Pillow via Make It and Love It These geometric denim wall hangings add a great pop of blue on the blank wall behind. There is a full tutorial for each one on the Joann Fabrics website here. If you are looking for more upcycling ideas to fill your blank walls then check out this article: 10 Upcycled Decor Ideas for Blank Walls. Craft Apron from Old Blue Jean

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OldBlue Co. 8.25″ Cut - 14.5 Oz Plain Indigo White Oak Cone NS . Tujuan OldBlue Co. dalam merilis Non-Selvedge Denim Collection adalah untuk menawarkan produk jeans lokal dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau tanpa harus mempertaruhkan kualitasnya dengan tetap menggunakan material denim dari pabrikan terbaik. Dalam koleksi terbarunya, Oldblue Co. menggunakan dua material denim dari pabrikan. Denim tends to be made up of a weave of both blue and white threads. 2. Next cut a piece of twine that is a couple of inches longer than denim feather shape. 3. Cover the twine in fabric glue and stick it to the center of the denim feather shape. This will create a spine for the feather A seasonal favourite, denim returns in the shape of these Old Blue Skinny Jeans for another season of sculpting, everyday magic. Its pitch perfect indigo blue hue will prove easy to blend into your existing wardrobe. A reason why we love jeans so much are for their fit, these elongate the leg and sculpt for a slimming fit. Elongate your silhouette further with heelsCotton denim jeans with. Nov 29, 2012 - Explore Taria Stivers's board recycled blue jean crafts, followed by 1347 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about blue jeans crafts, jean crafts, denim crafts

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  1. Made from 80 percent recycled cotton fibers, denim insulation has the highest recycled content of any batt insulation on the market. It also omits chemicals and irritants that other insulations contain while offering many key advantages for insulating, from being plentiful, cost-effective and durable, to offering superior soundproofing ability
  2. This is a limited edition released on Oldblue Co's 7th anniversary. 'Ocean' Selvedge — a sanforized, double-indigo fabric with great potential for some poppin' electric blue fades. Ocean Selvedge jeans are cut slimmer with Oldblue's 7.5″ cut. White and blue lined selvedge
  3. 2nd Place: $150 online store credit at Oldblue Co. with free shipping. Community Favorite: $150 online store credit at Oldblue Co. with free shipping. The community favorite will be chosen by r/rawdenim based on a poll at the end of the contest (that will exclude the 1st and 2nd place winners selected by the Oldblue Co. team)
  4. 1 A sling bag from old denim. 1 A sling bag from old denim. 2 Old jeans bag with another fabric. 3 A simple Jean bag. Take your jeans and keep it folded with the zipper opening of the pant on one side. Mark a rectangle shape from the top edge - it will be slightly diagonal extending to the crotch level. Cut it out

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  1. Brand new with tags, never worn or washed. Size 32. Special edition denim from Oldblue Co for their 7th anniversary, no longer available. Slim straight. Great denim from Indonesia. 15 oz. THIS IS UNSANFORIZED DENIM, YOU CAN EXPECT SHRINKAGE WITH A SOAK/WASH
  2. Beli SAGE,OLDBLUE,WINGMAN,AYE,WARPFET,CARNIVORSEOUL di Tangerang,Indonesia. Jenis Barang: Sage Ironberg 21 Oz ‌Brand: Sageseesmore ‌Model/Type: Denim ‌Size: 29/30 ‌Wash : - Seawash : 1 ‌Lama Pemakaian: 14bulan Minus: Wornout & Ripped ba Chat untuk Bel
  3. After offering us with super pair of heavyweight denim jeans, one of our favorite local label that specialized on creating denim jeans inspired by the old American tradition known as Oldblue Co. recently announced that they will release a selection of graphic t-shirts to celebrate their fifth anniversary with The Ultimate Beast denim concept. . According to their official Instagram.
  4. Denver Old Blue. Referencia W8104C. El Denver Old Blue es un pantalón de corte pitillo y cintura alta adaptado a las últimas tendencias en denim. La gran elasticidad del tejido hace que quede como un guante. Cómodo y elegante con un toque canalla, este tejano se ha convertido en uno de nuestros jeans estrella situándose en el Top 10 en ventas
  5. Rasanya tak lengkap apabila event denim lokal terbesar di Indonesia tanpa kehadiran OldBlue Co. Brand denim lokal yang tergabung dalam Wall of Fades The 10 Brand Collaborations ini merilis selvedge denim pants dengan material terberat yang sangat langka dari Cone Mills Corporation. Mengunsup konsep American Vintage Workwear era 1800an - 1950an, Oldblue Co. jadi salah satu merek lokal.
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Repurpose Old Jeans - Reimagine Your Pillow. This may be the easiest idea what to do with your old blue denim. Go to your wardrobe and find the craziest pair of jeans, the one you ever wanted to throw away. Then find in Google your nearest sewing service and of course buy a pillow. You will have amazing cheap cover Tokyo Slim Crop Old Blue Denim Blu Epoch 1. Regular price 150,00 EUR Sale price 150,00 EUR Regular price 213,00 EUR Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. SHOP NOW +1 Cleveland Comfort Pure Blu Pure Indigo 2. Regular price 179,00 EUR Sale price 179,00 EUR Regular price. Unit price / per > Men > Jeans > Nomad > ORBISON OLD BLUE. Reduced price! Previous Next -20%. 45,00 € 36,00 € IVA incl. ORBISON OLD BLUE. Mailing your denim is easy (and FREE) thanks to Zappos for Good. Simply box up your old denim (make certain it's 90% cotton or greater and doesn't have any hangers, tags, stickers or plastic attached), create or log in to your Zappos or Amazon account, print a shipping label, and send it our way by dropping it at a local UPS store (Continental. OLDBLUE DENIM Beranda. Langganan: Postingan (Atom)Postingan (Atom

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Férfi póló vásárlás. Válogass a legrendibb Férfi póló termékeink széles választékából a Mirror Fashion online store-ban., ️Minőség ️Gyors szállítás ️Egyszerű v Denim is thick and it is the best fabric for making potholders. You can find tutorials to make potholders here. A similar make is a coaster. You can check out the tutorial to make coasters here. 9. Jeans Earring. Cut out small denim pieces from jeans and attach to fishhook earring wires

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The first step to dyeing jeans is to check the care tag for the fiber content of the jeans you plan to dye. If the jeans you plan to dye is a natural fabric (such as cotton, linen silk, ramie or wool), then select the instructions for working with Rit All-Purpose Dye below.. If the jeans you plan to dye contains more than 35% polyester, then select the instructions for working with Rit DyeMore. Have you discovered the coolest new crafting item of 2018? If not, you may be a little bit surprised, because it is actually made of fashions from the early 2000s ;) Old jeans, to be precise. Denim DIYs are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Cute and made of durable, soft material, denim lends itself to lots of different looks. Some of the cutest home decor I've ever seen was. To help keep clothing in our daily use and out of landfills, we're partnering with Cotton's Blue Jeans Go Green ™ program, an initiative focused on recycling denim. Starting now, Levi's ® stores (and Outlets) will have a recycling box where you can drop off any denim from any brand and give your jeans a new life

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One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colors All you need are some old blue jeans to use as material and then you can use the schematics below to cut out the pieces and sew them together. Then fill the bear with a filling of your choice, such as cotton stuffing or if you wanted it to be heavy, you could use dry rice or beans. We've found a number of Patterns for you to try raw denim // outlet - mens denim jeans JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser

8. Denim DIY Sunglasses Case with iPhone Pocket. via Pillar Box Blue . 9. Garden Tool Belt DIY Tutorial. via Reshed . 10. Denim DIY Tote Bag. via Brit+Co . 11. DIY Necklace from Old Jeans. via Bubbly Nature Creations . 12. Upcycled Denim DIY Wine Bag. via My Soulful Home . 13. DIY Bunting from Old Jeans. via Pretty Handy Girl . 14. DIY Fabric. 2,788 results for old blue denim. Save this search. Update your shipping location 7 S 0 p o n s o A r P A 7 E e d-1-1.

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Make drink coasters from old blue jeans. Another of my favorite ways to use old blue jeans is to make drink coasters. The easiest way to do so is to make denim yarn then roll the yarn into a pinwheel. Glue or put small stitches wherever you feel it is needed to help secure it. Make wall decor from old blue jean RENO OLD BLUE DENIM VINTAGE 4. Regular price 229,00 EUR Sale price 229,00 EUR Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. SHOP NOW +1 BRUXELLES OLD ECRU DENIM. Regular price 199,00 EUR Sale price 199,00 EUR Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. SHOP NOW +1 BRUXELLES OLD BLUE DENIM VINTAGE 3. Regular pric wonderfully done. i used old blue jeans that i was going to put in a yard sale for my quilt. denim quilts are extremely durable and fun to make. great hub. Diane Inside (author) on March 26, 2011: Hi RTalloni, so glad you like this project. My husband enjoys his very much